Perspective Sketch
Pohlad Interior001
Isometric View of Elizabeth Gregory Home. We volunteered our services to design a renovation for the Elizabeth Gregory Home, which houses both a women’s shelter that provides transitional housing and a day center that helps women get back on their feet through a multitude of services. We designed an office space that includes a wellness center, a meeting room, and an operations space where women can attend the day center’s lessons. We also designed a dedicated showering area for women in need.

Our goal is to provide clients with as much simplicity and predictability as possible throughout the entire project – from design through completion of construction. We work very closely with you. We listen, absorb and conceptualize your goals. This helps us to understand clearly what you are seeking, and to transform these desires into a beautiful and functional architectural reality.

“Anne and John handle projects all the way to completion and that’s a great asset. It makes the entire process quicker and more effective in the long run.”

– Kathy Osler

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